Død Snø 2 (Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead) Review

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Horror, Reviews
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Dead-Snow-Red-vs-Dead-Martin-StarrThere’s a simple two-step method to enjoying Død Snø 2 (Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead).

Step A: Watch the original Død Snø.

Step B: See the new movie in a theater filled with people who loved the first one.

Step A is optional.

Yeah, the ZomBoys are back in town, and it goes without saying that if you only see one Nazi zombie movie this year, it should be the latest flick by director Tommy Wirkola. The least dead member of the original traveling party that stumbled upon lost Nazi gold and reawakened Herzog and the gang from their Norwegian winter hibernation is back. That would be Martin (Vegar Hoel), the quick thinker who amputated his own arm with a chain saw after a Nazi zombie mistook it for a Slim Jim the first time around.

But we find out that it wasn’t all fun and chain saws for Martin as he accidentally gutted his girlfriend and then wound up being blamed for her death along with the rest of his friends. Meanwhile, Head Undead Herzog and his henchmen may have their gold, but they still have an unfinished mission that has them goose-stepping off the mountain. Martin has to gear up with a gangly group of American nerds known as the Zombie Squad to stop them.

Fortunately, there’s a Soviet war cemetery just down the road…

It’s the rematch we’ve been waiting 70 years for: the Third Reich versus the Red Menace – and this time, it’s personal. The rule of thumb in such matchups is to take the Nazis and give the points. Better Undead than Red. The strategy proved sound with last year’s Frankenstein’s Army, and it works here as well. These Nazi zombies are battle-tested; they’re a lean, mean, mostly gangrene, fighting machine.

What were you expecting – an experimental theater troupe’s remake of The Tempest?

It’s gore, guts and guffaws, and plenty of each. Director Wirkola’s fascination with intestines has displaced Tarantino’s foot fetish as the most disturbing bodily obsession seen regularly on a movie screen. Here, the essential element of the digestive tract is used as makeshift jumper cables and as a hose to syphon gasoline.

Død Snø 2 is not a cynical, by-the-numbers repeat of the original to cash in some more coin– it’s bigger, badder, grosser, and funnier. Where else can you see a zombie abused so badly that you would feel sorry for it if you could stop laughing? Everyone associated with this endeavor appears to be having a great time. And why not? As one character notes with tongue-in-cheek reverence: “You’ve invented your own genre.”

Be sure and stick around for the post credit sequence to see that you can’t keep a good Nazi zombie down. Heil yes, it looks like Død Snø 3: Dead A Head is in our future.

Three and a half stars.

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