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in-darkness-we-fallThe only good that could possible come out of widespread viewing of the latest group underground, found footage, schlock horror film known as La cueva or In Darkness We Fall is if audiences united after suffering through it and demanded a moratorium on trapped underground movies or found footage movies or, at a minimum, trapped underground found footage movies. It’s not going to happen, but it is nice to think that every film, not matter how awful, has an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the arts.


Derek_Lee_Afflicted_2-570x294Voluntary restraint has failed. A name-and-shame approach in the media has not been a deterrent. Local and state authorities seem unwilling or unable to address this crisis. The federal government, as usual, is nowhere to be found. A United Nations convention may be the last, best hope to rid society of this terrible scourge.

The found footage horror movie must be stopped.

How many more times must audiences suffer through ninety-minute close-ups of a snotty-nosed twenty-something hyperventilating into a video camera while the Evil One occasionally lurches into the frame from the side? How is it that supernatural forces always ensure that a dropped camera lands in perfect filming position? (more…)