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berlinale 2016The 2015 edition of the Berlinale Film Festival was rough going. Sitting through many of the screenings was like eating undercooked vegetables. Gems were few and far between. The average became sublime; the tolerable were standouts. In any year, the winners of the Bears – the awards given out on the final Saturday night of the festival are a mediocre indicator of the strength of the field. Rather it is the depth and breadth of program sections like Panorama, Forum, and Generation, in addition to the Competition films, that determine just how memorable the year was. With the exception of the Perspective Deutsches Kino section, 2015 was largely forgettable.

Whether that was an assessment shared by the curators is unknown, but, for the most part, they came into 2016 and programmed like they had something to prove. The result was a stellar festival with more movies of interest and excellence than a single filmgoer could hope to see. There were winners aplenty and a few losers as well, and a number of surprises in both categories. (more…)

welcome-to-new-yorkAbel Ferrara’s long, idiosyncratic career as a director has taken an interesting turn of late as the cult favorite who made his initial mark with two legendary exploitations films in the late 1970’s, The Driller Killer and Ms. 45,  and who also brought us a landmark in crime movies with the 1990 King of New York, now seems bent on inventing a new genre. Call it the psychosexual micro-biopic for lack of a better expression. In last year’s Pasolini and in his most recent effort, Welcome to New York, Ferrara elevates a particularly virulent form of carnality to the level of Shakespearean tragic flaw by showing contemporary great men undone by their physical appetites. Toward achieving that goal, he is far more effective in the former film than the latter. (more…)