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The DarknessMom’s an alcoholic. Dad’s an adulterer. Sis is bulimic. And little brother is autistic.

Meet the Taylors!

If only it were a comedy, but, alas, those are the tormented members of the family in director Greg Mclean’s career altering mess of a would-be horror movie, The Darkness. Aficionados of the shock-and-slash genre will remember Mclean’s previous work in Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 with respect and affection. In Mick Taylor, the sadistic killer/torturer of the Australian Outback, Mclean created an iconic monster that terrorized foreign backpackers who were unfortunate enough to cross his path. Throw another European on the barbie, mate! (more…)

Wolf-Creek-2-Photo-2-610x406The irony of the Wolf Creek movies is that if the Australian Tourist Board were looking for a filmmaker to deliver images to entice tourists to take the long trip Down Under, director Greg Mclean would be a natural choice. At the beginning of both films – the original in 2005 and the sequel which opens shortly in the United States – the varied landscapes of Australia are highlighted beautifully, from the wonderful sand beaches of the coast to the surprisingly lush pockets of green in the interior to the stark other-worldliness of the Outback.

Yet, writer Greg Mclean, who penned the screenplays for both features, even more effectively dissuades any outsiders contemplating a walkabout by means of his creation, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), the ever amiable serial killer, who stalks, slices and skins travelers to the isolated Wolf Creek National Park.