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Jennifer-Lawrence-Serena-London-Film-Festival-PremiereJennifer Lawrence is everywhere. It’s not just your imagination. Open any door at the cineplex, and you will see that beautifully sculpted face perfectly framed by those blonde, brunette, or ginger tresses over the statuesque figure poured into spandex, an untucked blouse and black pants, or blue body paint. She’s Joy Mangano. She’s Katniss Everdeen. She’s Mystique.

Turn on the television. She’s on the red carpet. She’s doing the buddy routine with Amy Schumer. She’s accepting another award. She’s acknowledging another nomination. She’s sassing a reporter. She’s charming an interviewer. She’s confessing to getting high before the Oscars to Andy Cohen. She’s giving false hope to Seth Meyers. She’s being funnier than Jimmy Fallon.

Jennifer Lawrence is 25 years old. She already has four Academy Award nominations and one win with the possibility of a Best Actress Oscar pending. And she has yet to find the role that showcases all of her talent. To date, we have probably seen less half of of the range in which she’s capable of playing at the highest level of the profession. (more…)

serena1You know that a movie is bad when an appearance by Jennifer Lawrence can’t save it – and not simply an appearance in the film, but an honest-to-God, in-the-flesh (and quite a bit of flesh was showing) physical presence at a screening. Such was the case at the world premiere of Serena at the London Film Festival. Director Susanne Bier, in her introductory remarks, announced a huge surprise and then brought Lawrence out before a delighted audience at the sold-out Vue West End Cinema. Looking like Hollywood royalty in a perfectly fitted tuxedo jacket, high heels, and very little else, Lawrence smiled, waved, and warmed the crowd on a chilly, rainy London evening. She then wisely departed – not just the theater, but the country as well. Lawrence was nowhere to be found when the houselights came back up after the showing of a film that could charitably be described as disappointing.