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love-mercy01Much has been made of the connection between the sense of smell and memory, but the movie Love & Mercy reminds us of how evocative certain sounds can be. The beautifully remastered soundtrack from this film coming through a Dolby Atmos system in a darkened cinema brings forth a flood of memories: summer heat, sprinklers sending arcs of cool water over the lawn, coconut-scented suntan lotion, riding in your buddy’s car with the windows down, slow dancing on Friday nights in junior high. The Beach Boys provided the soundtrack for Americana for the last 50 years, and it is their music which is this new film’s ace in the hole. (more…)

ReclaimJohn Cusack is in the midst of one of the more fascinating contemporary Hollywood careers. At 48 years of age, Cusack has already appeared in over 70 motion pictures – often in the lead – covering an almost unfathomable range of genres. He has appeared in action films (Con Air and 2012), comedies (Hot Tub Time Machine and Better Off Dead), art house fare (The Paperboy and Bob Roberts), romcom (Say Anything), horror (1408), drama (The Butler), and satire (War). That list is hardly inclusive as it omits some of the more notable films featuring Cusack, including: Sixteen Candles, Broadcast News, Eight Men Out, The Player, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Thin Red Line, Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, and Adaptation.


The PrinceHere is what you need to know about The Prince.

It is not a Bruce Willis movie. It is not a John Cusack movie. It is, in fact, a Jason Patric movie. While the trio share prominence in the trailer, poster, and other marketing material, the three do not appear as a group in the film. Willis and Cusack do not have a single scene together. Willis and Patric are ostensibly both in the finale, but are never in the same frame.

This is Old Hollywood – or, at least, the marketing department at Old Hollywood. The same people who put all the good scenes from a movie in the trailer because they know you’ll think, “Hey, they wouldn’t put all the good stuff in the trailer, would they?” place Willis front and center so you’ll think, “Hey, they wouldn’t draw my attention to Bruce Willis unless the movie was all about him, would they?”

Guess again.