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Fun-Size-Horror-HBFun Size Horror: Volume One is the final step of a terrific idea. For Halloween 2014, Zeke Pinheiro rallied his friends and fellow directors into creating a series of horror shorts and releasing them onto the web via select sites that cater to fans of the genre. Now, they’ve been brought together and released via iTunes and VOD as a complete package.

The result is just what the title promises – bite-sized scares that rival more heralded anthologies of late including The ABCs of Death and V/H/S series. It’s a perfect fun pack for pre-gaming your next costume party. Volume Two is reportedly underway for release this fall. (more…)

FaultsFaults, an out of the mainstream effort detailing an attempt to rescue a young woman from a cult, appears to have been made in the 1970’s as an ABC Movie of the Week and kept in a time capsule until its release on the festival circuit in 2014. Take the stray cell phone and the recent automobiles out of the picture, and you have a period piece that is better suited for a time and place that no longer exists.

Kids into cults seems a bit passé. The hippie phenomena of the 60’s spilled over into the communes of the 70’s, and parents saw their children play out the ageless act of rebellion first through drugs and then through philosophies; in either case, it meant the young leaving the old behind. While cults remain a phenomenon, they generally break into the mainstream press now only through apocalyptic predictions or tragic acts of self-destruction. (more…)