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extraterrestrial1There are about 30 minutes of cinematic gold in the new science fiction-horror flick Extraterrestrial, scenes good enough to meet the expectations raised by the smart, sleek trailer for the film and give rise to the hope that The Vicious Brothers may have hit on the elusive formula to provide the Alien on Earth mash-up that has eluded this genre to date. Unfortunately, Extraterrestrial runs for a too-long 106 minutes, meaning that the 30 minutes of genius are subsumed completely by a sub-standard storyline that renders the overall product unfortunately unpalatable. (more…)

ff-00003949-im-02landscape900x506An air of melancholy pervades A Fighting Man, a boxing movie that may do more to kill the sport than mixed martial arts fighting. The sadness does not come so much from the plot as from the cast. The irony of bringing once-great actors into a third-rate feature about a washed-up fighter seems lost on director/screenwriter Damian Lee. And while the parallels between how boxing and Hollywood both exploit stars well past their primes in order to squeeze out a few extra dollars is lost in the production, they are painfully obvious to those who watch this film.